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Each tour visits 3 to 4 destinations with each stop lasting about 30 minutes. Tours start in the parking lot at the corner of Mendenhall Street and Black Avenue. You can't miss us!
Booking hints:

  • Step 1 - Promotion code button: fill in promotion code (optional)
  • Step 2 - Participants: pick the number of people for this booking
  • Step 3 - Private event: check the box if you want to reserve the tour for a private party (minimum of 6 for the pub bike)
  • Step 4 - Category: allows you to filter by pub bike or tuk tuk (optional)
  • Step 5 - Tour: allows you to filter by tour name (optional)
  • Step 6 - Date and time: click "pick date" for calendar dropdown

The pub bike requires a minimum of 6 people to pedal for private and shared tours. If your group is the first to sign up for a tour that does not meet the minimum, your seat will be reserved until the minimum is reached. You will receive email confirmation once the tour meets the minimum.